Reflexology is an ancient Eastern healing technique which is founded on the premise that all parts of the body are connected by energy pathways which end in the feet, hands and head.

The treatment involves the application of massage pressure to specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears without the use of oil or lotion.  The aim is stimulate healing and release tension in the corresponding organs, glands and structures of the wider body.

I apply this technique to women as a way of preparing their bodies for pregnancy, especially those who are experiencing difficulties in conceiving.

£55 per hour £80 90 mind


“ I have visited Niki for a number of years and have found her to be utterly professional, very friendly and always has time to listen to any concerns or queries you may have regarding general health. As a busy mum, when I do have some free time, all I want to do is relax and have found an appointment with Niki to be just the tonic I need! I always leave her feeling completely refreshed and revived.”   Laura lea



Thai Foot Massage is similar to Reflexology, but is a much more stimulating treatment.  It aims to reboot the body’s systems through the feet using energy lines (Sen Lines).

The treatment comprises full leg stretches and an energising foot massage.  A Thai Foot Stick is used in a firm and rhythmic manner, focusing upon Sen Lines and reflex points.  The treatment concludes with foot wrapping and a further energising foot massage.

The benefits of the treatment may include stress relief;  improved circulation and toxin removal; stimulated lymphatic drainage;  a boost to the immune system;  and reduced stiffness and improved flexibility.

£55per hour £80 90 mins

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