I’m Niki, a a healer with over 25 years experience, helping thousands of people be the version of themselves they love.

I’m here to help you recharge your energy, feel that spark again and fill your cup up, so you can give from abundance. Experience living from who you really are once again.

I have over 25 years experience in healing , lots of types of massage, reflexology, energy reading and clearing, body alignment, reiki and NLP and coaching. My unique, individualised methods will ease you into your happy place. This enables you to really engage with life from your strong heart centre and be in your unique natural flow. I work with you on all levels, whether that manifests artistically, physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, so you can shed your past and move on to a new bright future.

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Paint Your Soul

An online art course, using meditation as inspiration.

The Paint your Soul  course is a meditation through the chakras, to release and activate them, one by one, as you paint a part of your picture after each meditation.  The meditations are there to clear and activate the energy centre, to stop your critical thinking. 

Click the link below and get started.


The course includes 7 meditations and a bonus healing meditation along with art examples.

You get all of this, with lifetime access for just £197.  You can re-do the course as many times as you like and each time you can create a different piece of art.

Remember, there is no bad art.

 To find out more or for any questions, get in touch.


Healing & Meditation

Reiki/Quantum healing

Energy/space clearing

Healing alignment

Chakra clearing & cleansing

Soul purpose healing

FREE healing club - details below. 


Find yourself in Art

This is a commissioned artistic interpretation of your soul, for you to treasure and have on your wall and remind yourself everyday what a beautiful energetic soul you are.  My aim is for people to witness themselves through art.  

During an online Zoom session I will tap into your energy and your souls qualities so I can truly see how beautiful you really are. I do this so people can connect with themselves on a deeper level. It’s a self portrait beyond the facade of the skin, our DNA and what genetics gave us. I send you a meditation and whilst you are doing the meditation.  

This is recorded on time lapse so you can see how your soul evolves and this will also be sent to you. The art will then be completed and posted to you within 3 weeks. You get all of this for just £497. 

You will get to see aspects of yourself that you have never seen.  You may be dark and mysterious, angelic or heavenly or you could be historic and moody.  We won't know until we hop on a Zoom video call.

There is a 3 week turnaround for this and once completed it will be sent to you.

To find out more, you can book a FREE 20 minute chat with me to discuss further.

The Cabin Retreat

Welcome to The Retreat, where you can come and experience mindfulness within serine and peaceful surroundings.

If you would like a bespoke, special occasion retreat, please do contact me, so we can make it just for you. You can come along and experience a retreat with a difference.

The cabin is available to book for overnight stays via Airbnb, link below.  This can be a single person, a couple or friends, business or leisure.  You will always receive a warm welcome.


All treatments can be booked by clicking the "Book in for a Treat" button at the top of my website.

For bespoke treatments and packages, drop me an email or give me a call. 

[email protected] or telephone: 07976 568280

The Healing Club

My healing club is now FREE. This is a safe space for everyone, so you can recharge your energy, feel that spark again and fill your cup up, so you can give from abundance.

I go live on Zoom every Thursday at 9.30 a.m. for around 20 minutes. See the link below.  


This is a live guided meditation session and will include Quantum and Reiki healing. All sessions will be held via Zoom and recorded and uploaded into my Facebook group, where you can access as and when (don't worry, you will not appear on camera).


Courses and News


I recently had the pleasure of joining Sha from The Inquisitive Wren on her podcast.

You can learn all about my journey and how important it is to look after ourselves.

Please have a listen: PODCAST




Paint Your Soul will be part of the 'nourish your body and soul' retreat day on Monday 17th June, 1pm-5pm at Wootton Park.

Come and learn how to paint your soul, soul release through art.

Paint Your Soul with Niki Wakeman - Wootton Park Wellness

I will be hosting a paint your soul course where we will do 4 meditation and after each meditation we will paint a part of our soul on canvas.  I will be helping you reach your souls creatively which is the bedrock of all abundance and purpose and of course insipiration. 

You will come away feeling inspired and deeply nourished with the knowledge of how to maintain all parts of yourself.

All canvases, paints, brushes and aprons will be provided along with drinks and snacks.

This is for anyone who is interested in meditation and creative expression.

This promises to be a truly magical day and I hope you can join me.

Spaces are limited so head over to my BOOK IN page and reserve your space.

Costing just £137 for an afternoon just for you.




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Invest In Your Team


How about a work force that is eager to come to work? Are you an employer needing to establish a team or want to thank your hard working team? I can provide a special space for them to bond in a group and help them to de-stress.  Bespoke packages available so please get in touch to find out more.

[email protected]