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Are you as busy as I think you are?

You've come to the right place. I'm Niki and I'm here to help you recharge you energy, feel that spark again and fill your cup up so that you can be happy and give from abundance. 

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Ways to work with me:

The Healing Club


Live Collective Community Healing available for all.

The Reiki Gateway


Learn Complete Usui Reiki to Master Teacher Level with live learning and mentoring.

The Transformation Gateway

A complete guided transformation to find your light within,   weekly one to one healing  sessions to faciliate your own healing and many skills to learn how to heal yourself.

"I had suffered a really challenging 18 months and was looking for a practitioner who could help me. I was just desperate to feel ‘better’. I was beset by so much emotion and pain and couldn’t find a way out Niki provided me with a peaceful, calm and safe place at a hugely challenging time. The combined treatments of reiki, healing and energy work enabled me to feel better physically which supported me to feel better mentally and to be soothed spiritually. She has a unique and characterful style – you may laugh, you may cry but she adapts perfectly to the energy to provide the healing that is needed. "

Emma Howard
Head of Human Resources

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